How to save water resources? -

How to save water resources?

Water is a precious resource that we should all strive to protect. Conserving water helps reduce water bills, reduces energy consumption, and helps protect the environment. Also, help ensure there is enough water for future generations. What are some ways you can save water in your daily life?

1. Use the faucet to save water

Add water-saving spacers or pressure-compensating devices to your kitchen or bathroom faucets. These little devices mix a bit of air in the water flow, making the flow smaller and slowing it down. Turn off the faucet at hand, and carefully check whether the faucet is closed and whether there is any water leakage before going out and before going to bed.


2. Going to the toilet to save water

Use a water-saving toilet or a device that restricts the flow of water. After using the toilet, flush the toilet in the "half flush" mode to save water.

3. Shorten the shower time

Try to shorten the time of bathing every day. It is said that reducing the shower time by one minute can save nine liters of water. When soaping and washing your hair, you should also turn off the tap first, or use a water-saving showerhead. The water output of the iShowerhead shower head is suitable for no waste, and the washing range is wide. When taking a shower, the water before waiting for the cold water to turn hot can also be stored in a bucket so that it can be used to flush the toilet.


4. Wash fruits and vegetables in a basin

When washing dishes and vegetables, fill out the required amount of water first, and get rid of the bad habit of letting the water flow wildly with the faucet on. Put all the fruits and vegetables in a basin and wash them slowly with a small stream of water.

5. Water-saving laundry method

When washing clothes, do not use the washing machine to wash clothes that can be washed by hand. If you want to use the washing machine, you can wash it together after it is full of clothes. When washing clothes, you should also pay attention to washing in water-saving mode, which saves water and electricity. Since the amount of water used for laundry is relatively large, do not overfill the washing machine when washing clothes, and do not set the water level of the washing machine too high, otherwise, there will be a lack of friction between the clothes, and water will be wasted if they are not washed clean.


6. Water-saving dishwashing method‍

First, use a piece of toilet paper to wipe off the oil stains on the tableware, then wash it with a small drop of dishwashing liquid and a little hot water, and finally rinse it with an appropriate amount of warm or cold water. In addition, most people like to wash dishes with the water hose open, so they can use a basin to fill the water for washing.

7. Brush your teeth and wash your face to save water

When brushing your teeth, you should turn off the tap first, and just use a mouthwash cup to fill it with water. Many people will open the faucet when washing their face, and the water splashes everywhere. At this time, it is only necessary to fill out the required amount of water or control the switch of the faucet to a small amount of water.

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