Do people really need to take a shower every day? -

Do people really need to take a shower every day?

Taking a bath can not only remove sweat, dirt, and oil, eliminate fatigue, relax muscles and promote blood circulation, improve sleep, but also improve the skin's metabolic function and disease resistance. Here are three questions to ask yourself when you're considering whether to shower or not.

1. Do you have dry skin or oily skin?

If you have dry skin, you can shower with cold or lukewarm water every day or every other day instead of hot water; after taking a bath, try to pat yourself dry with a towel instead of rubbing hard; apply body wash as soon as possible after the skin dries milk.
If you have oily skin or suffer from acne, you need to shower every day. If you shower every day, a good shower experience will make your body healthier, why not try iShowerhead for a rainforest spa experience?


2. Did you sweat today?

If you just sit in an air-conditioned office every day and turn on the air-conditioner when you get home from work, and you don’t sweat much on the way, then you don’t need to take a shower. Wash a few places that are prone to sweat and bacteria, such as Armpits, buttocks, and feet are easy to smell if they are not washed clean.
If you've been exercising for an hour today, or doing a lot of physical labor, it's time to take a shower. If you don't shower immediately after sweating profusely and continue to wear sweat-soaked clothing, the fungus may grow.


3. How old are you this year?

Experts recommend that children age 6 to 11 take a bath once or twice a week. Your child's immune system is developing and needs some bacteria and a few viral infections to make it stronger. Young people can bathe according to their own lifestyle. Older people can bathe less often because their skin is thinner and therefore more sensitive.


Here are some skin-friendly shower tips:

1. The water should not be too hot, and the water flow does not need to be too large. If you can’t adjust your shower head well, you can try the iShowerhead shower head. It can adjust the water temperature flexibly. Like a rainforest, it gives you a comfortable bathing experience.
2. Do not take a bath for more than 30 minutes. A long hot bath will dry out the skin. This is especially true in winter when the air both indoors and outdoors is dry.
3. Do some moisturizing measures before leaving the bathroom. Apply some moisturizer when the skin is wet to lock the moisture in the skin.

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