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What are some bad bathing habits?

Bathing is something that can relax the body and mind, but many people do not pay attention to details when taking a bath. Maybe some small habits in our daily life will affect the health of the body. There are these 5 "bad habits" when taking a bath. Come and see if you have been tricked.

Take a shower when you're sick

Many people with poor physiques are prone to illness. Maybe cold and fever are not very important things in our opinion, but they will still damage the body. Taking a bath after catching a cold will consume our body’s heat energy and aggravate the condition, and contacting hot or cold water during a cold will aggravate the cold. We usually change clothes as soon as possible after sweating all over to avoid aggravating the cold, and we should try to bathe as little as possible after the cold.

Shower on an empty stomach

Many people have the habit of taking a bath in the morning. Taking a bath in the morning may make people more energetic, but it is actually harmful to our bodies. In the morning, we are always in an empty stomach state. We have not eaten for a long time, and the blood sugar content in our bodies is relatively low. When we take a bath, the hot water will stimulate blood vessels and accelerate blood circulation. At this time, it is easy to cause fainting. When we take a bath, whether in the morning or at night, it should be done one and a half hours after meals, which is the healthiest time period.

After meal bath

Many people like to take a bath after eating, which is not correct. Our stomachs have already started working after we are full. If you take a bath at this time, all the blood will be concentrated on the skin, resulting in a lack of blood supply to the stomach, poor digestion, and easy to cause hypoxia.

Frequent baths

Because many people love cleanliness, no matter what season it is, they have the habit of taking a bath every day. In fact, it seems that the weather is so dry. Frequent bathing will destroy the oil of our skin, make the skin drier, and even induce inflammation on the skin. The frequency of bathing should be appropriate in order to care for our skin and prevent it from being damaged by foreign substances.

Prolonged bathing in high-temperature water

When the weather is cold, many people are used to bathing in high-temperature hot water and are reluctant to turn off the tap. However, people with weaker bodies may faint due to insufficient blood supply to the brain and heart after taking a bath in high-temperature water for a long time. When taking a bath, the water temperature should be below 45°C, and the time should be well controlled. If your shower head is not powerful, you can try iShowerhead shower head, the water is gentle, the adjustment is sensitive and it can save water, killing three birds with one stone.

Falling asleep immediately after bathing

It is not suitable to fall asleep immediately after taking a bath, which will not only reduce the quality of our sleep but may also lead to insomnia. We should take a bath one or two hours before going to sleep, and adjust to comfortable warm water to ensure normal sleep.

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